Beautiful Day in the Neigh-bor-hood.

Wow. The weather here has been warm the past couple days. I love it. Although I feel fat and lazy. lol.

I went to my 7 month appointment today. There was a new nurse there who had the worst breath ever! It was worse than my 10th grade geometry teachers breath…and that was BAD! It was so bad I made sure I got an A on everything just so she wouldn’t have to help me with anything….and I’m dead serious. Anyway…she weighed me (I gained 8 lbs. w00t!), took my blood pressure (normal), listened to the heart beat, (138 bpm), and dang near made me faint. *dead*

I thought 138 bpm was low because I’m used to his heartbeat being like 150, but the doc reassured me that the heartbeat gets a littls slower as the baby gets older.

I felt like I was at my appointment all day because I had to take my Glucose Screening Test that I never made it to before. I had to drink this orange soda type drink and then wait an hour before getting my blood drawn. The waiting was horrible. I brought a book, but couldn’t read because there were two cackling hens next to me. They were so loud! I wanted to ask if they could keep it down, but alas, I’m too nice.

Then my doc surprised me and said I could get my last ultrasound. I thought it would be a few more weeks. I got to see my baby again. I got some pics but they aren’t that good because he wouldn’t turn his face around. It’s definitely a boy she says…We got a good look at his genitals. I asked if she could take a picture and she goes, “no, I don’t take pictures of that area.” um. huh? She says there are sickos out there. Oh come on!! Are you telling me that taking pictures of my baby’s genitals in his ultrasound is a form of child pornography?? GTFOH! This was hilarious to me. Some people are able to get videos of the whole ultrasound, I guess this is just porn too. LMAO! These people need to lighten up….I thought I was uptight. lol. So no pictures of “the area”…Everyone will just have to trust me.

I stopped at my aunts hair salon on the way home since I pass it. She said she will stop by tomorrow at around 7 to braid my hair. I’ve been wanting to get my hair braided ever since Alicia Keys made it popular. lol. Yup, I’m jumping on the bandwagon! Plus I’m too lazy to comb my hair…so maybe we will get a recent picture of me. I’m also having Ray take a picture of my belly today. It’s with the regular camera though because my digital doesn’t take clear pictures…so I have to get it developed and all that good stuff. *sigh*

Pregnancy Note: Within the next three days, the baby’s brain begins to take on a wrinkled appearance because of its rapid growth. The wrinkling of the surface of the brain is normal and necessary. The wrinkles are called convolutions. A convoluted brain contains more brain cells than a smooth, nonconvoluted brain and is potentially more powerful.

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