Back For a Minute.

I have been gone long, no? Ah…Shan’s birthday was great. My parents spent too much money on her. Now see, the funny thing is, I don’t remember having a birthday as good as hers and I was an only child. :/ Anyway, she cleaned up. My mom actually let her go through the little toy section with her own cart. Once she saw she could put stuff in it and it wouldn’t get thrown back on the shelf, she went to town. lol. Dang, books, movies, barbie dolls, and some OOGLY doll that came with no face?? She have to draw the face on. *smh* We actually paid money for that? Now she and Shae have been fighting over the new toys. That will last about a week and then they will both be ignoring them. I plan on having a large yard sale come May. We have so many toys and junk to get rid of I might make enough to get a new house.

Anyway, she sported an “I’m 4″ button all day and constantly demanded cake. I think this is the first birthday she will actually remember. She sure had no clue what happened last year. It was a very tiring day. I look forward to doing it again for Shae’s birthday next month. :/

Why does Ray ever touch Qua’s hair? OHMYGAWD…he did it the other day, and decided he would use spritz in her hair. Did you hear me……spritz! He said he needed something to smooth the ponytail. *smh* And this was some professional spritz that I got from my aunt (the cosmetologist). The kind you use for french rolls or those long lasting ponytails! lol. When I use it, I spray a few light mists in the air and step into it. He told me he went to town on the pump. Using it like it was a water bottle. So I go to do her hair, and it won’t move…I mean it won’t budgggeeee! It’s all matted together, looking like a dang bird’s nest. I could not get a comb through it. He goes, “just wash it.” Water would not even penetrate this helmet. When the spritz finally started coming out, it was thick and white like glue. It took days of washing…yes, days…….So um…he’s not allowed to do hair anymore. Last time he did it he thought a jar of Queen Helene Conditioner was grease. So sad. :/

Now it’s time for my late night snack. 😉

Pregnancy Note:By today, the surface of the baby’s skin is smoother and whiter as body fat accumulates under its surface.

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