Dream About Me, Okay?

I had the weirdest dreams last night. I know they say during pregnancy your dreams can be strange, but man….Then they had the nerve to be Lucid Dreams, meaning I knew I was dreaming. I absolutely hate Lucid Dreams for some strange reason. I don’t know how to wake from them. The moment I realize I am dreaming I want to wake up. lol. But it’s hard. I’ve been having Lucid Dreams since I was about 9. Lucid Nightmares are the worst (at least for me). See, when you dream you don’t really have control. Your thoughts are blurry, etc. In my Lucid Dreams, I am ME. My thoughts are my thoughts, I can control them. But I haven’t learned yet how to control the dream. So if there is something in my dream that is scary I can’t change it, but in my head I am freaked out and the only thing I can think of is waking up. I don’t know…maybe I think the “thing” is going to really get me in my dream. Like last night. I dreamed this freaky looking chick with dark black hair and grayish skin was going around with a small blade looking for people to cut. She kept getting closer to me and I kept running from her. I kept using my rational mind…”she can’t get at me…I left her back there.” But things don’t work normally in a dream, so she kept being ahead of me and catching me. o_O doh! I just wanted to wake up, which I did finally….of course. :) Do I sound like a psycho?? Next time I’ll tell you about my OBE (out of body experience).

Morning sickness is still lingering. Guess I’ll have it until the day I birth this boy! So, for those that have not had a baby, don’t let those docs fool you into thinking all morning sickness ends at the end of the first trimester. I am into my third and still have it. :/

Pregnancy Note: The baby’s swallowing and sucking skills are improving. 87 more days!

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