April Fool

*April fool , go to school, tell the teacher she’s a fool!* Or however that song goes. I can’t quite remember.

Well yesterday was Easter. I was supposed to go to my mother in law’s for dinner, but I didn’t feel up to it. My mom came over and dyed Easter eggs with the kids. We were supposed to do that Saturday, but were out too long. Shan AND Shae had a ball. Shae painted two eggs and when she was finished she decided to paint her body. lol. All up her arms. She was really upset when we took the paint brushes away. She cried for a long time. :/ I had 4 pictures left on my disposable camera, so I took those. They looked like bums with their hair all over their heads and pajamas on, but oh well. lol.

It looks like I won’t be going to the doctor tomorrow. I’ll have to go Tuesday. Ray is going to an interview so I have no one to watch the kids. He didn’t go to work tonight. Earlier he tells me he wasn’t going because they weren’t paying him any overtime. HUH? I’m like, so what are you striking?? lol. If you don’t go at all…you don’t get any money. So then tonight when I woke him up to go, he said he was staying home because he was way too tired. :/ I guess because he usually sleeps during the day and today he didn’t. Third shift can really mess up your sleep schedule.

I have a new problem in my pregnancy. I am hungry all the time. I’m not kidding either. 30 minutes after I eat, I feel the hunger creeping up on me again. An hour later I have pains like I haven’t eaten all day! Along with being hungry, nothing looks good. So that means I am hungry, but don’t know what I want. I’ve been snacking on pretzels trying to keep the hunger away…it’s not working. The pretzels are just making me sick.

My Gawd, I’ve got stretch marks!!!!!!

Pregnancy Note: In the next day or so the baby’s eyes will be completely formed. Yesterday his eyes unfused and opened….!

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