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Beautiful Day in the Neigh-bor-hood.

Wow. The weather here has been warm the past couple days. I love it. Although I feel fat and lazy. lol.

I went to my 7 month appointment today. There was a new nurse there who had the worst breath ever! It was worse than my 10th grade geometry teachers breath…and that was BAD! It was so bad I made sure I got an A on everything just so she wouldn’t have to help me with anything….and I’m dead serious. Anyway…she weighed me (I gained 8 lbs. w00t!), took my blood pressure (normal), listened to the heart beat, (138 bpm), and dang near made me faint. *dead*

I thought 138 bpm was low because I’m used to his heartbeat being like 150, but the doc reassured me that the heartbeat gets a littls slower as the baby gets older.

I felt like I was at my appointment all day because I had to take my Glucose Screening Test that I never made it to before. I had to drink this orange soda type drink and then wait an hour before getting my blood drawn. The waiting was horrible. I brought a book, but couldn’t read because there were two cackling hens next to me. They were so loud! I wanted to ask if they could keep it down, but alas, I’m too nice.

Then my doc surprised me and said I could get my last ultrasound. I thought it would be a few more weeks. I got to see my baby again. I got some pics but they aren’t that good because he wouldn’t turn his face around. It’s definitely a boy she says…We got a good look at his genitals. I asked if she could take a picture and she goes, “no, I don’t take pictures of that area.” um. huh? She says there are sickos out there. Oh come on!! Are you telling me that taking pictures of my baby’s genitals in his ultrasound is a form of child pornography?? GTFOH! This was hilarious to me. Some people are able to get videos of the whole ultrasound, I guess this is just porn too. LMAO! These people need to lighten up….I thought I was uptight. lol. So no pictures of “the area”…Everyone will just have to trust me.

I stopped at my aunts hair salon on the way home since I pass it. She said she will stop by tomorrow at around 7 to braid my hair. I’ve been wanting to get my hair braided ever since Alicia Keys made it popular. lol. Yup, I’m jumping on the bandwagon! Plus I’m too lazy to comb my hair…so maybe we will get a recent picture of me. I’m also having Ray take a picture of my belly today. It’s with the regular camera though because my digital doesn’t take clear pictures…so I have to get it developed and all that good stuff. *sigh*

Pregnancy Note: Within the next three days, the baby’s brain begins to take on a wrinkled appearance because of its rapid growth. The wrinkling of the surface of the brain is normal and necessary. The wrinkles are called convolutions. A convoluted brain contains more brain cells than a smooth, nonconvoluted brain and is potentially more powerful.

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Back For a Minute.

I have been gone long, no? Ah…Shan’s birthday was great. My parents spent too much money on her. Now see, the funny thing is, I don’t remember having a birthday as good as hers and I was an only child. :/ Anyway, she cleaned up. My mom actually let her go through the little toy section with her own cart. Once she saw she could put stuff in it and it wouldn’t get thrown back on the shelf, she went to town. lol. Dang, books, movies, barbie dolls, and some OOGLY doll that came with no face?? She have to draw the face on. *smh* We actually paid money for that? Now she and Shae have been fighting over the new toys. That will last about a week and then they will both be ignoring them. I plan on having a large yard sale come May. We have so many toys and junk to get rid of I might make enough to get a new house.

Anyway, she sported an “I’m 4″ button all day and constantly demanded cake. I think this is the first birthday she will actually remember. She sure had no clue what happened last year. It was a very tiring day. I look forward to doing it again for Shae’s birthday next month. :/

Why does Ray ever touch Qua’s hair? OHMYGAWD…he did it the other day, and decided he would use spritz in her hair. Did you hear me……spritz! He said he needed something to smooth the ponytail. *smh* And this was some professional spritz that I got from my aunt (the cosmetologist). The kind you use for french rolls or those long lasting ponytails! lol. When I use it, I spray a few light mists in the air and step into it. He told me he went to town on the pump. Using it like it was a water bottle. So I go to do her hair, and it won’t move…I mean it won’t budgggeeee! It’s all matted together, looking like a dang bird’s nest. I could not get a comb through it. He goes, “just wash it.” Water would not even penetrate this helmet. When the spritz finally started coming out, it was thick and white like glue. It took days of washing…yes, days…….So um…he’s not allowed to do hair anymore. Last time he did it he thought a jar of Queen Helene Conditioner was grease. So sad. :/

Now it’s time for my late night snack. 😉

Pregnancy Note:By today, the surface of the baby’s skin is smoother and whiter as body fat accumulates under its surface.

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Happy Birthday SM!

Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday. Was it that long ago?? Anyway, I’ll be spending the day with her. Don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday in the comments! I’ll be saving this entry for her.


Happy Birthday!!!

I know how you feel Robin- 4 sounds SO much different than 3. It even feels different to say “I have a 4 year old” than “I have a 3 year old”. It’s like the difference between toddlerhood and kidness- big deal! So Happy Birthday to her, but the real congrats go to you- not just to what you did this day four years ago, but also for what you’ve done in the four years ince- congrats!!!

Posted by: Elisabeth from on Apr 06, 2002 @ 10:28 am

Happy Birthday, Wow she’s really getting to be a big girl now. I work with 3s and when they turn 4 they are soo proud, its a big step up!

Posted by: Shanee from on Apr 06, 2002 @ 11:26 am

Happy Birthday to SM! What a big girl you must be!

And Happy 4th Anniversary, Robin.. it was four years ago today that you really became a mother!!

Posted by: Echo from Virginia on Apr 06, 2002 @ 2:53 pm


Posted by: PaPa from Cleveland on Apr 06, 2002 @ 10:42 pm

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Therapy Maybe?

Let�s see, I�ve been having Lucid Dreams since about the age of 9. I remember my very first Lucid Dream. I was playing in the backyard at my grandmother�s house. My grandmother had this gate that closed at the end of the driveway that kept the kids in the back. I was happily playing and then I just became aware. It�s the oddest feeling; you look around and think�Oh my God! I�m dreaming! Then you don�t know what to do with yourself, or at least I didn�t know. As I said, I usually want to get up immediately but I didn�t know what to do. I remembered where I came into the dream, (You know, where ever you are when the dream starts) so I went to that area and lay down on the ground and woke up very easily. And this is the way I still wake from Lucid Dreams. I go to wherever I came in and wake up. In the past 2 years it has become increasingly harder for me to wake from these dreams. I�m not sure why.

The first time I found it hard was when I had (or what I think was) an OBE (Out of Body Experience). I was sleeping with my daughter Shanon in my bed. It was an afternoon nap. I woke up and was lying on my back. I decided to get up and did, but the weirdest thing was�I didn�t. Huh? Yeah, I know. I got up, but my body didn�t. FR-EA-KY! I have always known and believed that you are you even without your body, but it was weird to be actually outside of it. So I backed up and laid back down over my body, then tried to get up again. I tried this a couple times and each time when I got up, it was without my body. I was not totally freaked out, but I was a bit scared. Now, I never looked back at my body that would have totally freaked me out. Finally I said enough is enough and I laid on my body until  we connected. I felt something like a click and I felt �ONE� with my body. It was like an awakening. So maybe it was a dream you say? No. It wasn�t. I know it wasn’t. The room was exactly the same as it was when I was without my body. I was weirded out by it for a while. And I wondered how and why it happened.

Since that time I have had many eerie things happen. I have dreams that foretell the future. Not in detail, but it gives hints and clues as to what is going to happen. And not just in my life. Since then I have felt some type of connection with the world. I�m not good at explaining these things, but that�s the best way to put it. I am not psychic, but I feel like I am very sensitive to what�s going on or may happen in the world.

I have also found that relatives come and talk to me in my dreams. Deceased relatives. Not all, just a certain few. My grandfather is one that visits me often and tries to speak to me. I have really been to frightened to actually talk to him, but I think that I should. I dream about other deceased relatives, but they don�t try to relay messages or tell me anything.

Okay, back to Lucid Dreams. My dreams have become so real that I have a hard time distinguishing dream from reality. I have to actually pinch myself to see if it�s a dream. I had a dream about 2 months ago where I got up from the bed to use the bathroom. I stopped at the window at the top of my stairs to look out, and then I went down the stairs. I could hear the TV downstairs. Ray was sitting on the couch. And it wasn�t until then (maybe 3 minutes after the dream started) that I realized Ray didn�t look exactly right. His hair looked a bit longer, he was sitting funny. He looked a bit scary (the way he was looking at me). Then I heard a voice calling my name. It was then that I said forget the bathroom and took off upstairs. As I was going up I pinched myself, on the arms, and cheek and sure enough it didn�t hurt. I had a few dreams like that in that one night. I kept thinking I was awake and then would realize that I was in a dream. I just couldn�t get out of it. Now, going back to where I entered the dream is not working. I have to find another way to wake up. I haven�t learned how to control them yet and I guess it�s because I�m too scared of them. lol. Oh well.

Pregnancy Note: Today, my baby measures almost 10 inches (head to butt) and weights 2 1/4 lbs. In just 2 weeks he has gained 6 ounces and has grown 3/4 inch.

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Lucid Dreaming.

I got two e-mails wanting to know more about my Lucid Dreams and OBE’s. I also got a comment about it. I didn’t know people were interested in that sort of thing. I guess I will post all about my “psychic ability” and whatnot tomorrow. Right now, I’m a little tired. Until then, here is a FAQ on Lucid Dreams: Click Here.

Pregnancy Note: Today is a very significant day: the baby’s lungs are now capable of breathing air. Now that the baby can breath air, I can breathe a sigh of relief! Should he be born before his due date, he will have a much easier time breathing by himself and adapting to the outside world.

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