Too Tired to Think.

My mom took my kids yesterday and what did I do? SLEEP. How boring, but I must have needed it. I went to sleep at 8 PM. I woke up for about an hour later and then went back to sleep until 10 AM. I knew those kids ran me crazy.

They are now back and the screaming has started. lol. They’ve been running non-stop since that walked in the door. There goes my peace.

So my dad doesn’t like the logo. I have no more ideas. As I mentioned a few times on the ODB, I have a designer block due to pregnancy I think. I was lucky to come up with that. I guess I’ll just stare at the screen some more and see what comes up.

My phone works! Yippee Kayay! lol. They came out yesterday and had it fixed within 30 minutes. Everytime they do a little construction in the area we have phone problems. I hope they plan on giving us a credit, because I sure plan on asking.

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