Phone Company = Bad.

I noticed Tashia talking about phone companies in her blog. I have my own horrible experience with the phone company. Here’s the story. When we first moved here in July of 2000, we had an extra phone line put in our house. At first they said it wasn’t possible because we have old wiring, but eventually they got it in. I had dial-up Internet service, which is the reason we got the extra line.

For the next year we have major problems with our phone line. Especially when the weather was bad. People would call us and get someone else’s house because lines would get crossed. It was a mess.

Now, in August 2001, they said they could finally get DSL on my phone line. I told them I wanted the DSL put on my main phone line, not my second (computer) line. I wanted this done so that I could turn off my second phone line and we would just have the main line. So, I’m excited….DSL is being installed, DSL Modem comes, I hook it up…doesn’t work. I call the phone company and after 45 minutes we discover the DSL was put on my second line, not my main line! GAH! But I want to turn my second line off, I said. She says to me that maybe someone screwed up the order, but it said put the DSL on the second phone line. So I’m pissed right? You bet. How long will it take to switch it? Probably another 3 weeks! So, they were going to turn off my DSL and install it on my main line, like I asked in the first place. Then she says to me she will have to charge me for an early disconnection of service! What in the world?? 200 smackers because I signed an agreement for a year of service on that line. I am so mad! By the end of the conversation, I have decided to just keep the second phone line and my DSL.

So…..let’s go to March 2002. Our lines got crossed again! We had no clue until one day I called Ray on his cell phone. Here’s the basic conversation:

me: hey! what are you doing?
him: not much, where are you?
me: huh? I’m at home, duh?
him: hold on.
*shuffling sounds*
him: you’re at home?
me: uh, yeah.
him: the number that came up in my caller ID says ***-****.
*note: ***-****, is not our number*
me: you’re crazy. you must have caught it before the caller ID.
him: nope. I’ll show you when I get home.

Pretty boring conversation (hey we’re married…what can I say), but you get the idea. Whenever I called someone, some weird guys name and number showed up.

*disclaimer: the author does not know if the guy is indeed weird, what she really meant was that it was weird for the number to show when she called*

When people called us, our phone didn’t ring. Well, it did, just not at our house….somewhere, it was ringing.
*shakes head in confusion*

This lasted about a week. Then something stranger happened. Our two lines were no more! When you called up the second line in the house , all the phones rang. Even the ones that were supposed to be our main line. I used our second line to call the main line…it rang…somewhere…but not our house. When we used our main line to call out, the second line’s phone number showed in caller ID’s. *sigh* I get the repair guy out here and he looks at our house and says, “You never could have had two lines…this house isn’t wired for it.” *blink, blink* Huh? We had two lines for over a year! I called repair again today and the lady told me there was some construction going on in the area that screwed up the wiring and it could take a LONG time to get it fixed. She’s going to send someone out tomorrow morning. In the meantime we’re paying for a phone line with googobs of features that we can’t even use! I expect a massive credit, dude.

In other news, I made a logo for my dad’s business. I did it in about 5 minutes, lol. I’m sure he won’t like it, but we’ll see. Last time I made him a logo, he screwed up his nose and looked at me crazy. Hey, I never claimed to be a graphic artist. At least not a good one.

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