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Well, I was up and out of the house by 8 AM. I made some runs with my mother. It is no fun to get three kids dressed early in the morning. Since Ray doesn’t get home from work until 8, I get Qua dressed too. Being 6 months preggers doesn’t help either. :/ We got lost, it rained, they cried…..*sigh* I was glad to get home at 1.

I got some old photos developed. I thought they were the pictures that I took this Christmas, but they are like a year old. lol. Why do I let film sit around that long? I had no clue what the film was. Turned out to be pictures from around Christmas/winter – 2000/2001. I have to get around to scanning them to add to the photo section. Most of the pictures are of Shan and Shae. Darn camera hogs! lol. I’m going to also scan my ultrasound pictures…not that anyone will be able to make out what it is….but I can tell!! pic

I went to my mailbox yesterday only to see a white envelope addressed to moi from my dad. Huh??? What the heck could it be? Opened it up and there’s a fat check for $500. Okay…maybe not fat to you, but that money comes in hand-E! lol. The memo said Happy Easter. I was excited and called to thank him. He said he gave it to me to do a web site for him (but I know he only wanted to give me the money pic ) He said when I finish his site, he will slip me another 5. Go daddy! So um, you know I got started right away right? lol. He has his own auto repair company and it will be a challenge since I know nothing about cars…but I think I can whip something up. Dang…I need more clients like him.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I went to the doctor last Friday for my 6 month check up. Everything was A-OK. Baby was fine. She said we can do another ultrasound at 30 weeks. I of course am jumping at the chance to catch another glimpse of my bambino. I also told her that I don’t want them to induce my labor. I will just pay close attention to my body around that time so that I can make sure I make it to the hospital! She said instead of inducing me they can loosen my membranes??? She might as well have been talking German. I have no clue what she meant and didn’t even ask. My next appointment is in April. April 12th to be exact. I think I’m also going to take the girls to see Dragon Tales on Ice or on Stage or whatever it is. It comes to town that day. They love Dragon Tales…so it should be fun…for them…lol. It can also be part of Shanon’s birthday gift because her birthday is April 6. My baby will be 4! Gah!!! I can’t believe it. I feel old.

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