Daddy’s Baby, Momma’s Maybe.

Today my baby got her cast off. I was so happy. Probably happier than her! The doctor said her arm is healing well and she no longer needs the cast. He said to be careful of any falls she may have because she can re-break it. Well, we don’t want that to happen! When the assistant took the cast off, he told me to hold her tight and keep a grip on her other hand because she may try to grab at the saw. Well Shae was very calm. She’s a laid back kid. I was the nervous one! I kept thinking, what if he goes to deep with that saw…what if he loses his grip?? I was so relieved when he was done.We went to Friendly’s afterwards to celebrate. She ate grilled cheese, fries, and a chocolate, M&M sundae.

Okay, the following is just a vent. Some of you know the story of my step-daughters mom and some of you don’t. I won’t go into details here, but I’ll just say she’s pretty much a deadbeat. She hasn’t bought anything or seen her daughter for Christmas in the past 3 years. So this year she has a job. This year she tells me she will buy Qua some gifts, and she will come on New Year’s Eve because she has to work on Christmas. I tell her that’s great! She says it will give Ray and I a chance to get out on New Year’s Eve and to do something. (I guess she forgot about my 2 kids :/). Anyway, I proceed to tell her that we probably won’t go anywhere because we are expecting our third child and I haven’t been feeling too well. All of a sudden things change, she mumbles something about TRYING to call on Christmas. Trying? Why in the world wouldn’t you be able to give her a call? Oh, I forgot to mention she lives in Detroit. She has moved in and out of our state about 5 times in the last 4 years. Once she was in the circus….but that’s another story. Anyway, she can call here for free from her job, and didn’t she say she would be working on Christmas. Well, she called about 3 or 4 days after Christmas. She tells Ray to take Qua over to her mom’s house because she will be coming into town on New Year’s Eve. Ray takes Qua over there and when Qua comes back on January 2, she says her mom never showed up. “But she’s coming Friday.” Qua says. Her mom has now promised to come on Friday. I say great, but in my head I say, yea right. This is a typical stunt. Keep making promises and breaking them. Keep her daughter hoping. So anyway, Ray comes to me today and says, “Guess why her mom told her she can’t come?” I can’t think of anything so I shrug. “Because she is having her baby this month.” What??? Her baby? No one (at least not me, Ray or Qua) knew of this baby until now. When the heck did she become pregnant (I guess 9 months ago)….why didn’t she mention it when I said I was expecting? And didn’t she know she was going to be having this baby before she made all these promises? I told Ray I think she’s lying…but maybe she’s not…I just think it’s awfully strange for her to all of a sudden be having a baby. I forgot to mention that she still has a thing for Ray. :/ She would snatch him up (or at least try) in a minute if we ever got divorced. Also, she has 2 other children that she had after Qual. The first one she said she had since Ray was marrying me. Was that supposed to hurt him?? The next one was born when she was 6 months pregnant because her boyfriend beat her up. Her children are now both 2 years old. The oldest will be 3 this year though.

I just wonder what makes a woman treat her child like that. I could never leave my child to join the circus, or go months without calling, or keep breaking promises. It really pisses me off because if anyone says anything negative about her she has some reason (excuse) why she can’t be a good mother. *yawn* Whatever. I can’t wait to find out if this chick really is having another baby. More gossip later 😀

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