What I Wrote About SM on 01/05/2002

SM is my first born daughter. She was born April 6, 1998. 3 days after her due date. SM is very intelligent, but extremely moody! She doesn’t like help with anything. If she is trying to tie her shoe, you had better not try to help her! Unless of course she asks…and even if she does ask, you better be careful, cause she may change her mind in an instant. She’s really independent and likes to be able to say, “I did it!” and really mean it. She’s also pretty whiny. If something she is doing doesn’t work right, she yells out, “I can’t do it!” or whines. I have learned that this is not a request for help, she’s just merely releasing some frustrations.

SM is very sensitive, and the wrong look can turn her to tears. When she was younger, she would cry if someone looked at her. This made it difficult to go shopping (especially with her being so darn cute! lol Everyone wanted a pinch of her cheeks!) She has since grown out of this and it only takes her a few moments to warm up to a room full of people. And then watch out! She turns into a little ham. Now when we walk through the store she yells out, “Hi guys!” to anyone that passes us.

I really believe that she will grow up to be the artist of the family. She has been holding a pencil correctly since she was 10 months old. And started writing and drawing soon after that. SM now has journals and journals full of her little “scribbles.” She draws animals (especially pigs) and people very well. The people that she draws even have clothes. She pays close attention to detail. 80% of the day you will find her with a pencil, pen, crayon or marker in hand. She has been writing her name for some time now, but recently it has become quite legible.

SM has a great imagination, and can play for hours by herself. She enjoys playing with her barbies & singing or talking to herself the most. I often notice her mocking me & the tone of my voice. Another favorite is computer games, which I must admit, she is quite good at.

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