Baby Kicks

I did! I did feel the baby move. It’s most definitely the baby. It feels awfully big for 16 weeks.Today my girls put on some of their new Christmas clothes. I took pictures, but I took them with the regular camera, so I’ll have to wait to post them. They looked so spiffy! 😀 I was a bit tiffed because SM lost one of her new earrings that my mom bought her. I can’t figure out why we can’t ever keep them for more than a few weeks. Who knows where it fell off. She never plays or picks with them, so I can’t figure out why or how they come out. We even tried the ones with the screw backs, but no luck. We never got Shae’s ears pierced. And I probably won’t until she wants them done.

So we’re redoing our bedroom. Paint, furniture, curtains, etc, etc. Only thing is, we can’t (or at least I can’t) decide on a good color. I definitely do not want white walls. I hate white walls. The remind me of living in an apartment, so I want something with color. I wanted to do an olive green, but our kitchen is already that color. It would be pretty unimaginative to do our room that color too. So until I can think of a color, our room is at a standstill. *sigh* I was thinking of a pale yellow, but Ray probably won’t like that. I’d really like to at least paint this month. :/

We chatted last night & I almost strained a muscle from laughing so hard at those fools.

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