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Daddy’s Baby, Momma’s Maybe.

Today my baby got her cast off. I was so happy. Probably happier than her! The doctor said her arm is healing well and she no longer needs the cast. He said to be careful of any falls she may have because she can re-break it. Well, we don’t want that to happen! When the assistant took the cast off, he told me to hold her tight and keep a grip on her other hand because she may try to grab at the saw. Well Shae was very calm. She’s a laid back kid. I was the nervous one! I kept thinking, what if he goes to deep with that saw…what if he loses his grip?? I was so relieved when he was done.We went to Friendly’s afterwards to celebrate. She ate grilled cheese, fries, and a chocolate, M&M sundae.

Okay, the following is just a vent. Some of you know the story of my step-daughters mom and some of you don’t. I won’t go into details here, but I’ll just say she’s pretty much a deadbeat. She hasn’t bought anything or seen her daughter for Christmas in the past 3 years. So this year she has a job. This year she tells me she will buy Qua some gifts, and she will come on New Year’s Eve because she has to work on Christmas. I tell her that’s great! She says it will give Ray and I a chance to get out on New Year’s Eve and to do something. (I guess she forgot about my 2 kids :/). Anyway, I proceed to tell her that we probably won’t go anywhere because we are expecting our third child and I haven’t been feeling too well. All of a sudden things change, she mumbles something about TRYING to call on Christmas. Trying? Why in the world wouldn’t you be able to give her a call? Oh, I forgot to mention she lives in Detroit. She has moved in and out of our state about 5 times in the last 4 years. Once she was in the circus….but that’s another story. Anyway, she can call here for free from her job, and didn’t she say she would be working on Christmas. Well, she called about 3 or 4 days after Christmas. She tells Ray to take Qua over to her mom’s house because she will be coming into town on New Year’s Eve. Ray takes Qua over there and when Qua comes back on January 2, she says her mom never showed up. “But she’s coming Friday.” Qua says. Her mom has now promised to come on Friday. I say great, but in my head I say, yea right. This is a typical stunt. Keep making promises and breaking them. Keep her daughter hoping. So anyway, Ray comes to me today and says, “Guess why her mom told her she can’t come?” I can’t think of anything so I shrug. “Because she is having her baby this month.” What??? Her baby? No one (at least not me, Ray or Qua) knew of this baby until now. When the heck did she become pregnant (I guess 9 months ago)….why didn’t she mention it when I said I was expecting? And didn’t she know she was going to be having this baby before she made all these promises? I told Ray I think she’s lying…but maybe she’s not…I just think it’s awfully strange for her to all of a sudden be having a baby. I forgot to mention that she still has a thing for Ray. :/ She would snatch him up (or at least try) in a minute if we ever got divorced. Also, she has 2 other children that she had after Qual. The first one she said she had since Ray was marrying me. Was that supposed to hurt him?? The next one was born when she was 6 months pregnant because her boyfriend beat her up. Her children are now both 2 years old. The oldest will be 3 this year though.

I just wonder what makes a woman treat her child like that. I could never leave my child to join the circus, or go months without calling, or keep breaking promises. It really pisses me off because if anyone says anything negative about her she has some reason (excuse) why she can’t be a good mother. *yawn* Whatever. I can’t wait to find out if this chick really is having another baby. More gossip later 😀

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Quick Thank You.

I just wanted to thank Jazzy for the gift! I got it today. I got a super cool turtleneck sweater, and some slippers with devils on them. I love them! A little upset that I can’t fit the sweater, but I will sure wear it next winter! Thanks Jazzy!

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What I Wrote About SM on 01/05/2002

SM is my first born daughter. She was born April 6, 1998. 3 days after her due date. SM is very intelligent, but extremely moody! She doesn’t like help with anything. If she is trying to tie her shoe, you had better not try to help her! Unless of course she asks…and even if she does ask, you better be careful, cause she may change her mind in an instant. She’s really independent and likes to be able to say, “I did it!” and really mean it. She’s also pretty whiny. If something she is doing doesn’t work right, she yells out, “I can’t do it!” or whines. I have learned that this is not a request for help, she’s just merely releasing some frustrations.

SM is very sensitive, and the wrong look can turn her to tears. When she was younger, she would cry if someone looked at her. This made it difficult to go shopping (especially with her being so darn cute! lol Everyone wanted a pinch of her cheeks!) She has since grown out of this and it only takes her a few moments to warm up to a room full of people. And then watch out! She turns into a little ham. Now when we walk through the store she yells out, “Hi guys!” to anyone that passes us.

I really believe that she will grow up to be the artist of the family. She has been holding a pencil correctly since she was 10 months old. And started writing and drawing soon after that. SM now has journals and journals full of her little “scribbles.” She draws animals (especially pigs) and people very well. The people that she draws even have clothes. She pays close attention to detail. 80% of the day you will find her with a pencil, pen, crayon or marker in hand. She has been writing her name for some time now, but recently it has become quite legible.

SM has a great imagination, and can play for hours by herself. She enjoys playing with her barbies & singing or talking to herself the most. I often notice her mocking me & the tone of my voice. Another favorite is computer games, which I must admit, she is quite good at.

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Baby Kicks

I did! I did feel the baby move. It’s most definitely the baby. It feels awfully big for 16 weeks.Today my girls put on some of their new Christmas clothes. I took pictures, but I took them with the regular camera, so I’ll have to wait to post them. They looked so spiffy! 😀 I was a bit tiffed because SM lost one of her new earrings that my mom bought her. I can’t figure out why we can’t ever keep them for more than a few weeks. Who knows where it fell off. She never plays or picks with them, so I can’t figure out why or how they come out. We even tried the ones with the screw backs, but no luck. We never got Shae’s ears pierced. And I probably won’t until she wants them done.

So we’re redoing our bedroom. Paint, furniture, curtains, etc, etc. Only thing is, we can’t (or at least I can’t) decide on a good color. I definitely do not want white walls. I hate white walls. The remind me of living in an apartment, so I want something with color. I wanted to do an olive green, but our kitchen is already that color. It would be pretty unimaginative to do our room that color too. So until I can think of a color, our room is at a standstill. *sigh* I was thinking of a pale yellow, but Ray probably won’t like that. I’d really like to at least paint this month. :/

We chatted last night & I almost strained a muscle from laughing so hard at those fools.

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Baby Got Back

If you want to sign up for a Secret Valentine Exchange, visit the ODB.Today I woke up with a major headache. Turns out I have been clinching my teeth at night. It must be stress. I usually do it at stressful times in my life. I don’t see this as a very stressful time, but sometimes we don’t recognize stress. My mom came over a little bit after we woke up and she watched Shrek with the kids. We finally looked at some of the extras on the DVD and I couldn’t believe they had Donkey on there singing, “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mixx A Lott.

Call me an old fogey, but this didn’t seem like a kids song. Why won’t the media just let our kids be kids? Well, that’s another whole topic altogether.

I actually did some dishes. *pass out* It only took me about 20 minutes, but when I was done, I was p-o-o-p-e-d. I still don’t have much energy. I promised myself with this pregnancy I was going to exercise. HA! So much for that. Although I did get a yoga tape from my sil for Christmas. I’ve never done yoga, but I know it’s good for relaxation. Relaxation is always good. I’m wondering how much of it I will be able to do since it’s not a yoga tape for preggos. (They do have those). I hope they don’t have my butt trying to get into weird positions. roflmao! Most likely my girls will want to do it too. Maybe it will get them all relaxed and sleepy. So maybe I’ll try it tonight…if I don’t get too lazy.

My baby gets her cast off in 5 days. I will be so happy, and I’m sure she will too! The cast cover is getting so dirty. She’s 19 months so you know the messes she can get into. Part of the cast comes over hand, so when she’s eating, she usually gets something on it. I wipe it off, but cast just doesn’t come clean. I’m also sick of giving her baths with a bag on her arm. I can’t wait to dip her whole body in the tub! I bet she’ll sleep better too. She looks so uncomfortable at night. I’ve never had a broken bone so I don’t really know what it feels like. Right now her arm is healed, but we couldn’t get an appointment until next week. :/ Wish I had a saw! j/k! A lot of people asked me if social services came to talk to me. I’m like, why? I guess it is standard in this day and age for CPS (Child Protective Services) to investigate or question you when a small child has an accident. My Gosh! Kids can’t even have accidents anymore without the government bamming on your front door asking what color drawls you have on. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit much) But geez. She was playing with her big sister and fell off the bed. I guess they had no reason to believe that I was harming my child cause they never asked me a thing. I’ve been watching them like a hawk though. I don’t want any scrapes or bruises for the next year or mommy might get sent to jail! 😀

Pregnancy Note: The baby’s heart pumps about 25 quarts of blood a day during this 4th month. This rate will increase to 300 quarts of blood a day by the time the baby is born.

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