Someone Send Me Some Grub.

I just viewed my site in 800×600, and it looks so small and not the way I intended…so I hope you’re using 1024×768. lol.Now what person in their right mind likes to buy gifts just for the heck of it? :p Oh, but don’t worry. I’ll accept it quick fast and in a hurry!

I am truly amazed at just how hungry I get. The first thing I think about in the morning is, “What can I eat?” It’s a shame really. I have hunger pangs (yes someone told me it is pang and not pain) every hour. Ray says to me, “You’re eating again?” Yes! I can’t help it. If I don’t eat I feel sick. Eating soothes me. You would think everyone would be clapping their hands and shouting hooray! I am very thin to begin with, so me eating a lot is a good thing. It’s not like I’ll get overweight. I can’t even imagine myself overweight. Just picturing it makes me rotflmao! It seems as if I eat all the food within hours after he gets back from the store. Also keep in mind that I am still quiet picky. And I have cravings. My favorite things to eat this week are burgers, graham crackers, and grapes. But if I get hungry enough, I’ll eat anything. lol

UGH! My DSL has been giving me a hard time today. I almost cut off the computer. *gasp* It takes too long for a page to load. Longer than it did when I had dial up.

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