Is It June Yet?

I spent a couple hours trying to download fonts, programs, and other things that I lost. :( My little Shae was whiny today. I think she’s a bit tired of her cast. She does like to take the Motrin for the pain though 😐

Shall I whine about my pregnancy today….?? Just a little. I actually feel sicker than ever. I thought it would be letting up soon. *whine* I can’t wait for June to get here! I pray that I will have a fast labor like last time. My labor with Shae was 3.5 hours. It was so quick I had no time for drugs *gasp*. But it was okay. With SM my labor was 9 hours. I got the drugs in about the 2nd hour of labor. I will write birth stories one day for those that want to read them. Maybe this time my labor will be like an hour. Let’s hope I make it to the hospital. I thought about having a homebirth, but I actually like the little time in the hospital…plus…I have to be monitored because of my heart condition, which, actually is not that serious. I’m hoping I feel better soon so that I can finish my Christmas shopping. I didn’t even go shopping this weekend!

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