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Someone Send Me Some Grub.

I just viewed my site in 800×600, and it looks so small and not the way I intended…so I hope you’re using 1024×768. lol.Now what person in their right mind likes to buy gifts just for the heck of it? :p Oh, but don’t worry. I’ll accept it quick fast and in a hurry!

I am truly amazed at just how hungry I get. The first thing I think about in the morning is, “What can I eat?” It’s a shame really. I have hunger pangs (yes someone told me it is pang and not pain) every hour. Ray says to me, “You’re eating again?” Yes! I can’t help it. If I don’t eat I feel sick. Eating soothes me. You would think everyone would be clapping their hands and shouting hooray! I am very thin to begin with, so me eating a lot is a good thing. It’s not like I’ll get overweight. I can’t even imagine myself overweight. Just picturing it makes me rotflmao! It seems as if I eat all the food within hours after he gets back from the store. Also keep in mind that I am still quiet picky. And I have cravings. My favorite things to eat this week are burgers, graham crackers, and grapes. But if I get hungry enough, I’ll eat anything. lol

UGH! My DSL has been giving me a hard time today. I almost cut off the computer. *gasp* It takes too long for a page to load. Longer than it did when I had dial up.

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Goodbye 2001

Today is the last day of the year. 2001. Tomorrow at this time, most of you will be toasting, celebrating, maybe even getting your groove on! I will most likely stay home with my family. Since I’m preggos, alcohol is out. Not that I am a big drinker anyway. I won’t make any big resolutions, because I won’t keep them. Try to be this, or try to be that…and I just end up being me. The me I’ve been for 25 years. So maybe that will be my resolution this year. Be me. Ha! That should be fairly easy to uphold.

Today went by in a blur. It was just me and the girls most of the day. We watched Shrek for the first time. They got it for Christmas. It was a pretty funny movie. Of course, I think that any movies with Eddie Murphy as the sidekick are hilarious. I love Mulan too. I do have to add it was a bit disgusting at times and there was a bit of cursing, but I liked it. I think I’ll watch it again soon. We also have Spy Kids, but I’m not too anxious to see that. I didn’t really want to see it when it was at the movies. I’ll save that one for when we’re really bored.

Pregnancy Note: Today my baby’s scalp pattern has been determined.

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Is It June Yet?

I spent a couple hours trying to download fonts, programs, and other things that I lost. :( My little Shae was whiny today. I think she’s a bit tired of her cast. She does like to take the Motrin for the pain though 😐

Shall I whine about my pregnancy today….?? Just a little. I actually feel sicker than ever. I thought it would be letting up soon. *whine* I can’t wait for June to get here! I pray that I will have a fast labor like last time. My labor with Shae was 3.5 hours. It was so quick I had no time for drugs *gasp*. But it was okay. With SM my labor was 9 hours. I got the drugs in about the 2nd hour of labor. I will write birth stories one day for those that want to read them. Maybe this time my labor will be like an hour. Let’s hope I make it to the hospital. I thought about having a homebirth, but I actually like the little time in the hospital…plus…I have to be monitored because of my heart condition, which, actually is not that serious. I’m hoping I feel better soon so that I can finish my Christmas shopping. I didn’t even go shopping this weekend!

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Yep. That’s just how I feel. Nasty. I haven’t updated my pregnancy journal in about a month, so I’ll just whine over here. I still have morning sickness. I thought it was letting up. But I was oh, so wrong. All day long I feel…nasty. And to make things worse, I also have ptyalism. I have a spit cup everywhere I go. As soon as I spit, I have a mouthful again! It’s depressing. I have started my 12th week of pregnancy (11 weeks and 2 days). I am hoping that this will all end abruptly by the end of the first trimester which is week 14. I won’t be mad if it ends earlier though smile I am starting show and have already grown out of a few pairs of jeans and all of my cute (short) tops. ARGH! The only thing that will fit over my belly are huge Old Navy shirts or sweatshirts. *sigh* And this is only the beginning folks. I shall rename this my “bitching diary”. By the way…thanks to those that offered me hosting! smile I am still deciding what I should do.

I finally found my camera so I can take pictures of her broken arm. She will never believe she had one at 18 months. Oops…I forgot. She is now 19 months. I also want to get it on video, because this girl has not let that arm stop her from being the little devil she usually is. She started using the broken arm today, so it must be feeling better. I braided Shan’s hair today & was amazed at how long it’s getting. Pretty soon it will be time to pay someone else to do it. smile My friend Jay called me yesterday and said she has a new hobby of braiding, so I might get her over here to do Shan’s. I barely have energy to get out of the bed, it would be great not to have to comb hair for a week.

And let’s add to my pain, shall we. I had to reformat my hard drive today. It was a must. I couldn’t burn anything onto CD’s so I lost EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! Even programs I paid for but downloaded off the Internet, such as my tax proggie. I am so upset. I have absolutely nothing. Well, I do still have Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, WS_FTP and Dreamweaver (I bought them!). Other than that….notadamnthing. I downloaded something and didn’t even have a un-zip program to open it. My ‘puter has all the space it came with *sigh*. But tomorrow’s a new day, right? :p

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My Poor Dear.

I feel so bad! My poor daughter! Let me rewind and explain what happened. On Monday, my 2 daughters were sitting on Shan’s bed. SM is 3, Shae is almost 19 months. Shae fell off some kind of way. She does that sometimes, and usually gets right up. (There’s carpet). This time she screamed bloody murder! Ray and I both checked her out. No bumps, bruises or swellings. She still kept screaming and grabbing at her arm. But there was nothing. For the rest of the night she cried unless I held her and rocked her…so I did. I figured she was pretty irritated from the fall and probably a little sore.

Next day, everything is fine. She’s up, playing…no probs.

Okay, Wednesday rolls around and she can’t get her food to her mouth. She uses her left hand for most things and this is the arm that she fell on. She can get a cracker about halfway to her mouth and then she starts screaming. I’m like what the heck is going on. She keeps trying. Finally I take her shirt off and look at her arm. Her elbow is swollen! I compare it to the other and it’s about double the size. Very fat, and hard. I notice that she doesn’t put any pressure on that arm at all while playing. So I page Ray and he says she probably twisted it a little and usually the swelling takes a couple days to show up. He advises me to put some ice on it. Well, I was ready to go to emergency. (I am always running to emergency though…and Ray thinks I over react). So I put some ice on it.

So Ray gets home and looks himself and says he takes it back…it may be broken…he doesn’t like the way it looks. Well he’s had 2 broken arms and I have had none so AGAIN I trust his judgement and take her to emergency. 3 hours we sat there and find out my 18 month old daughter has a elbow fracture! *sniff* My baby has a broken arm. No wonder she was crying all night!!! I feel so bad! She’s got this mini cast and sling. She’s taking it like a champ though. Still running around. 18 months with a broken arm…*smh* I feel like such a lousy parent.

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