Bring on the Barf!

It happened. It couldn’t be avoided. I prayed. I hoped. MORNING SICKNESS!!!! ARGHHHH! I am officially changing the name of it to “Pregnancy Sickness” because it has nothing to do with morning. I am nauseous all day long. Nothing helps. Not even those Preggie Pops I bragged about. I shouldn’t say nothing helps. Keeping my belly full and the taste out of my mouth helps a bit. I find myself constantly eating or rinsing with Listerine. It doesn’t help that my 3 year old has a slight cold.

I spend a lot of time in the bed. I find myself taking quite a few naps per day. This was the case with my other pregnancies, so it’s nothing new. My pregnancy sickness works in waves. I will feel sick for 3 hours and have an hour when I feel okay. Then all of a sudden, it will hit me again. I’m not sick enough for the doctor to give me anything for it, so I just have to deal.

I am now 7 weeks along. Is that all?? Mannn. I have a long time to go. Seems like I have been pregnant for ages and I haven’ t even gotten to the swollen ankles, breathlessness, back pain, sleepless nights, and GAS! Supposedly today, my baby’s leg buds appeared! Yay. We have legs. Also the brain separated into three main parts.

My stomach is bloated. : (

And just think…3 weeks ago I was doing crunches.

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