Go See the Doctor.

I made my first ob/gyn appointment. I hate the first few appts. I always feel so violated, but by the third or fourth time, you’re usually used to it. Another thing is, after the first ones, the only thing they do (if you aren’t high risk) is take your blood pressure, take a little blood, measure your tummy, weigh you, and ask you some questions. (maybe let you listen to the baby’s heart beat.) These appointments don’t usually last that long. My first appointment is November 1 @ 9:25 am. The first one is always a doozy. You get the blood work, questions, blood pressure, they weigh you, breast exam, pap smear, std testing, and all kinds of other scraping and prodding that I will never get used to *shudders*. You are usually there for a while. I remember being there for 3 hours one time.

I also called my cardiologist. And for those that don’t know, I have SVT. SVT is a general term describing any rapid heart rate originating above the ventricles, or lower chambers of the heart. SVT is an arrhythmia, or abnormal heart rhythm. I developed this after the birth of Shaelyn. My heart is pretty regular most of the time, but maybe once or twice a year it will beat fast for no reason. I can just be sleeping or sitting. It will probably come down on it’s own, but I take medication to make the heart beat come down faster. I don’t think it has ever gone over 150 beats per minute, although some people with SVT have calculated their hearts beating 250 beats per minute! I have a mild form. I wanted to ask the cardiologist if I have an “episode”, is it okay to take the medication that I have on hand while I am pregnant. So, I am waiting for him to call.

The taste in my mouth has started slightly. Just slightly. I get this awful taste and bleeding gums. So far it’s not really bad, but I know it can get to the point where it last all day. *gross* I’m still praying that I don’t get morning sickness this time. : )

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