Hair Appt.

i get my hair done on saturday. oh yeah, it’s about that time. my mom is supposed to take shan over the weekend so maybe ray and i can have a little time together. we will still have the baby, but she sleeps a lot ya know.

okay how come my little cousins know all the latest line dances and i still jam the electric slide. i don’t know any of the latest. i have gone to clubs and seen them, but i’ll be damned if i’m a get out there and look like an idiot on crack, swinging my arms and jumping around the floor. i need somone to come to my house and teach me behind closed doors, closed shades & curtains. anyone live near by?

i need a new isp! well, really i need dsl (notice how i say need). i am ready for lightning speed surfing. thanks to the losers at ameritech i can’t get it. i signed up for telocity way back in october. your local phone company has to do all the wiring that you need. well, there went my dsl up the creek without a paddle. they couldn’t get it right. in fact they managed to screw up both my home phones for a couple of weeks (and only reimbursed me for 2 days..ha..what a joke). so they finally gave up in january and telocity canceled my order. right now i use prodigy, but i am looking for something new.

i’m sitting here with my window open…catching a cool breeze. i love when the weather is warm.

okay..3 of shan’s fish have died. my dad came over and got out the first one, ray took out the next one and the third one is still a-floatin’ in the tank. what’s the deal with these fish. i have always had bad luck with pets. they die, runaway or they are just dang crazy acting. i wanted to get her a bird, but i’m afraid he will end up stiff as a board on the bottom of the cage. my mom got her one of those robotic pets…it’s a parrot that never shuts up…”let me out of here, who turned out the lights, how ‘bout a snack…” how ‘bout i toss your butt up against the wall and see how much snacking you wanna do? she loves it though, so hey….

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2 Responses to Hair Appt.

  1. Mars says:

    lmfao @ you and your deep-seeded hate towards robotic pets. trust i will be reporting your ass when they finally make a protection organization for our mechanical companions.

    and about them…uhh lessons behind closed doors…DUDE WHAT?!

  2. Ro says:

    Wow…you dug wayyyy back. UGH. lol

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